750Kg Mechanical Decoiler

Product Code(s) : RM750F | RM750F

Forming Line manufactures mechanical decoilers with a coil carrying and decoiling capacity of 750Kg.

General Features

We produce mechanical decoilers with a sheet coil working capacity of 3 mm thickness, 300mm width and 750kg weight. 750kg Mechanical Decoiler has proximity sensor loop control and motor speed-control as a feature.

  • Coil Carrying Capacity : 750kg
  • Coil Inner Diameter Clamping Capacity : Min 300 mm - Max 550 mm
  • Coil Outside Diameter Working Capacity : 1400mm
  • Working Width Capacity : 20-300mm
  • Coil Inner Pressure Function : Mandrel
  • Machine Working Movement : Left - Right
  • Inverter Motor with Speed Control


Photos of 750kg Mechanical Decoiler.

All pictures and photos shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancements.


Videos of 750kg Mechanical Decoiler.

Machine in the video is for visualization purposes only. Actual product may vary due to the product enhancements.

Technical Details Chart

* Some of the technical properties are subject to change during production without informing the customer.

MODEL Material
Coil Inner
(mm) Min
Coil Inner
(mm) Max
Coil Outside
Diameter (mm)
Coil Weight
 Motor Brake Snubber
RM750F 20 - 300 300 550 1400 750 - + Optional
RM750M 20 - 300 300 550 1400 750 + - Optional

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