Coil Slitting Lines 600mm

Forming Line manufactures coil slitting lines up to 600mm coil width. It can handle a coil weight starting from 3.000kg to 12.000kg.

General Features

Up to 600mm width, depending on the coil weight and thickness of the material, we mainly manufacture four different types of slitting lines:

Technical Details Chart

MODEL Material
Thickness (mm)
Strip Width (mm)
Coil Carrying Capacity (kg)
CSL600-03 0.1mm - 1.5mm 600mm 3000kg
CSL600-06 0.3mm - 4mm 600mm 6000kg
CSL600-10 0.5mm - 5mm 600mm 10000kg
CSL600-12 0.8mm - 6mm 600mm 12000kg

* Some of the technical properties are subject to change during production without informing the customer.

Specifications Example

  • Maximum Weight : 6.000 kg
  • Loading Car Capacity : 6.000 kg
  • Strip Width : 15mm min. - 600mm max.
  • Strip Thickness : 0,3 - 4 mm
  • Number of Slits : 12 Slit
  • Inner Diameter of Coil : 490mm - 620mm
  • Working Width : 100mm - 600mm
  • Slit Coil Outer Diameter : 1.600 mm
  • Specifications are for slitting lines of steel with these parameters: 0,3mm - 4mm material thickness, 600mm Width, 6000kg of steel as a coil. Features may vary on other production lines.


Photos of Coil Slitting Line up to 600mm width of coil.

All pictures and photos shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancements.


Videos of Coil Slitting Line up to 600mm width of coil.

Machine in the video is for visualization purposes only. Actual product may vary due to the product enhancements.

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