Coil Slitting Lines

Forming Line manufactures coil slitting lines with varying coil width and varying number of slitting blades.

Coil Slitting Line Machinery

Coil Decoiler

Decoiling is the action of unwinding a parent coil, making it flat and cutting it into sheets. Decoiling operation is done with decoiler. Our decoiler machine have 10-15 tons working capacity with loading car, adjustable speed control and conical mandrel expansion system.

Slitter Head

A device on a line that contains the slitting knives, spacers, and strippers. Our slitting heads have adjustable automatic blade level, changeable blade movement up and down, electronic precision control with secret conic working system.

Guillotine Shears

The machine used is called a squaring shear, power shear, or guillotine. It works by first clamping the material with a ram. A moving blade then comes down across a fixed blade to shear the material. We use normally guillotine shears on our cut to length lines but we produce our lines also with rotary shears and flying cutting systems.

Rewinder Group

There is rewinder group in our coil slitting lines. Capacity of the rewinder group is 20 tons.

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Coil width starting from 600mm to 2000mm. Or make it custom width? Write us your inquiry.

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