Production Lines

Forming Line manufactures following production lines and all of these lines can be customized according to customer request:

Coil Slitting Lines for slicing a main width of coil to smaller widths.

Cut to Length Lines for performing a cutting operation to a given length.

Compact Press Feeding Lines for easily decoiling and feeding the coil to the press.

Coil Brushing Line for removing the dirt from the surface of the steel coil.

Roll Forming Lines for shaping the sheet material by pulling/pushing the material between consecutive rollers.

Perforated Metal Production Lines for blanking sheet material with small holes/shapes which requires a fast and continuous production.

Combined Slitting and Cut-to-Length Line for slitting and cutting to the length operation of the steel coils in a sequential order.

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Coil Slitting Lines, Cut to Length Lines, Compact Press Feeding Lines and Coil Brushing Lines

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